Saturday, March 8, 2008

Great Big Terrible Awesome Scary Wonderful World

Today I woke up at three in the afternoon and it was raining.

I dislike the rain.

That is why I usually sleep during these times. When the heavens are feeling moody, I certainly am not the one to challenge their disposition. I would rather hide.

I would rather hide from a great many things.

But I digress. Unfortunately, I felt it necessary to go out today, because I happen to be in New York City, and I don't have the pleasure of being at the center of the universe every day. This great pleasure, however, ends in roughly two minutes.

In two minutes, I must hail a cab (one of the least pleasant things about NYC) to LaGuardia Airport, and bid farewell the Big Apple, or, as I prefer to call it, the Hot Guys Capital of the World.

In two minutes, I was able to write only that one sentence, so for now, my new friends, it is adieu. Hopefully, I have some friends to whom this is addressed, but I am not terribly hopeful, for I fear I am dreadfully dull.

If and when I blog again, I shall try to put in some comedic bits about something or other. And perhaps about my life. Yes, that is what "bloggers" seem to talk about in general, is it not? For this unhappy excuse for a blog, I beg your pardon. I fear my skills are woefully inadequate for this type of buggery.